A wyld weekend event!

by Alisa Otto on Oct 18, 2021

A wyld weekend event!

At the end of September WildHerness invited me (Alisa) to come to their GO WYLD weekend event and speak to the 60+ women in attendance about Ottomatic Threads and show off our base layers.  Yes, yours truly modeled in the gear fashion show.  No, I do not have photographic evidence and I beg anyone that has it to delete it immediately.

It was a wonderful weekend full of female empowerment, outdoor adventure, and community.  The women that attended were from all over the country, but it felt like I had known them for ages- I love that about the outdoor community!

I spoke about what we do at Ottomatic Threads and I brought a bunch of our base layers to sell on site.  It was so nice getting to talk to people about the differences between our 1st and 2nd gen and I loved when people would find me afterwards and tell me they tried them on and are so excited to wear them this winter. 

Community is super important to us and we are really thankful for our relationship with the gals over at WildHerness.  Thanks for the invite, ladies!