Keep warm while adventuring this winter with these 3 things:

by Alisa Otto on Oct 12, 2021

Keep warm while adventuring this winter with these 3 things:
We are big fans of adventuring in the winter, but we are also big fans of coming home with all our limbs in tact.  Winter adventuring is awesome, but you need to make sure you're prepared.  Most people have a jacket and pants lined up, but what about the rest?
We know those boots are cute, but are the functional?  Is there the right amount of grip for your activities?  Are you going to encounter ice or is the snow super soft?  And what about your socks?  You need more than one good pair, friends.  Our feet sweat, snow can sneak through, and you want to make sure you always have a dry pair ready to go.  We love Darn Tough socks and always have a couple pairs in our pack.
Don't forget about that noggin, y'all.  You need to make sure your head and ears are covered and warm. Don't worry, we have more beanies coming soon.
You know we weren't going to let you go without singing the praises of our base layers.  This year we have two styles, with six colors between the two of 'em.  Not that the colors matter, but we're sick of wearing only white base layers under our gear.  A good pair of moisture-wicking base layers is crucial.  They can be worn under your day clothes or as jammies at night...or both!  All our base layer fabrics have great odor reducing capabilities so it'll be a while before you start stinkin.
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