Sizes + Sustainability

by Alisa Otto on Jun 22, 2022

Sizes + Sustainability

Have you checked out our comfort length shorts yet?  If you haven't, make sure you take a look at the size chart.  If you have, what do you think of that size chart??

We've been grateful that our customers throughout the years (we are coming up on THREE years since OT was officially founded) have felt comfortable enough to talk to us about sizing.  Y'all have been a wealth of knowledge as we grow this small business that we hope to be the most size inclusive ever (we have mega goals of introducing sizes 7x-10x by the end of 2023).

Large apparel companies have seemingly endless amounts of cash where they could pay gobs of money to bring in fit models of every size if they so chose to. We do not.  We are largely self-funded and work on a tight budget, but that doesn't give us any excuses.  As a small brand, size inclusivity is important to us so we will make it work.  We have fit models and we have friends who are willing to try what we have and tell us what we can improve.

And we have you.

By giving us feedback, you allow us to operate in a more sustainable manner.  We don't have stacks and stacks of ill-fitting clothing lining the walls of our shop.  We have maybe 3 pieces that I can think of where the size was just completely wrong, so we cut the garments up and made scrunchies with them.  There will be no wasted fabric here, if we can help it!