About Us

We believe in giving women and under-represented bodies a voice in the outdoors and we do this by providing high-quality sustainable outdoor apparel for sizes XS-6X.  There are too many body shapes and sizes that are underserved in the outdoor apparel industry and it is our honor to provide clothing that allows those bodies to adventure, explore, and to be seen.  

Ottomatic Threads is a 100% women owned and led micro-factory based in North Texas.  We pride ourselves on creating outdoor apparel utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices in a transparent manner that will hopefully encourage other companies to do the same.  Our factory space is visible from our retail area, so please drop in during business hours to watch your clothes being made!

As outdoor enthusiasts, we believe in giving back to the areas that we love to explore; for that reason, 1% of all sales are donated annually to the National Parks Foundations.

As big time believers in female empowerment, we actively seek opportunities that allow us to partner with organizations and events that help give women a voice in the outdoors.  For sponsorships and partner opportunities, please reach out to alisa@ottomaticthreads.com.