by Alisa Otto on Jan 30, 2024

Since starting Ottomatic Threads, I’ve been on a mission to make outdoor apparel for women of all sizes. Finding outdoor apparel that’s made to fit women’s bodies is HARD, and finding comfortable pieces that aren’t ugly can be even more challenging 🙃
I started making bamboo graphic tees a while ago and while everyone loves them, I just didn’t feel like they were going in the direction I wanted. I want what we make to stand out and work in a way that helps every level of adventurer.
But making those tees did give me a LOT of time to think through an idea that’s been in the back of my brain for quite some time: Bamboo base layers. And you know what? I think it’s time to introduce those.
I wish I could release all the pieces I’ve designed all at once, but it’s just not possible right now. Instead, I’ve decided to launch one piece at a time. This is the first design in our Bams collection that will be available mid February: the elbow-length Trekker top.  Mark your calendars, this is gonna be a good one.