New Horizons Base Layer Review

by Alisa Otto on Feb 28, 2024

(new horizon base layer top pictured above)

I sent Heather with Slim Pickins Outfitters a set of New Horizon Base Layers to test out over the winter season and this is what she had to say:

It is rare for me to find a base layer that checks all my boxes. What are the boxes you ask? 


Thick waistband that stays put and doesn’t roll down. 

No pilling at the thighs. 

Reinforcement on the inside seam. 

High waisted. 

Thick enough to wear as a stand-alone legging or top. 

Thin enough to wear under a top layer of clothing. 


Luckily for me, Ottomatic Threads New Horizons Base layer set, hits every expectation. 


I am always on the go. Whether walking the kids to school in chilly weather, working on our family farm, or running our family business, I am consistently looking for pieces to add to my wardrobe that are functional, comfortable and stylish. The base layers help me to feel confident and comfortable which is an absolute must for me! 


As a gal that’s always been thick in the legs and behind area, I have never, not once, found a base layer that fits well while still performing technically. This base layer changed the game for me and I have taken them with me on many adventures. 


As a small business owner I know the effort, grit and determination that it takes to put out a product that you feel good about. Alisa at Ottomatic Threads puts her WHOLE heart into the pieces that you wear. Besides being an incredible product, wearing OT supports a small, woman owned business and to me, that’s the most important thing.